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sump pump installationIn addition to basement waterproofing we do sump pump installation where it is needed.  If you have flooded basement each time it rains heavily then basement waterproofing may not be enough.  You may want to consider sump pump installation as part of the project.  However, sometimes all you need is sump pump installation and not waterproofing.

With our 25 years cumulative experience we can give you our honest advice on the best basement flooding solution.  If you have basement flooding problems or dampness down in the basement contact us for free honest advice.

You can rely on us for your sump pump installation and wet basement repairs!

sump pump installation


      sump pump installation

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      If you have wet basement or flooded basement problems every time it rains you may need sump pump installation. Call us now for fast response and advice.

      We work in most of the Greater Toronto Area, including: Ajax, Aurora, Barrie, Bolton, Brampton, Caledon, Etobicoke, King City, Kitchener, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Nobleton, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Scarborough, Toronto, Vaughan, Whitby, Woodbridge.

      Signs That Your Sump Pump is About to Give up And When You Need a New Sump Pump Installation

      Signs That Your Sump Pump is About to Give up and you need a New Sump Pump Installation. If your basement get flooded frequently from rain then you may need sump pump installation.  This article however, assumes there is sump pump already installed and discusses when to replace it.

      Many homeowners monitor their mechanical appliances in the home to ensure that everything runs efficiently. However, one of the most overlooked appliances that many property owners never check, if they have one, is their sump pump.  Because of this they don’t realize they need a new sump pump installation until it’s too late.  A sump pump installation is usually required if the damaged one is one of those old pumps.

      Unfortunately, unlike a washing machine, a dishwasher or refrigerator that may give obvious signs that it's reaching its end of service, sump pumps give very subtle if any signs, that it is on the verge of shutting down entirely.   The following are some of the signs that indicate that your sump pump is about to give up and that you may need a new sump pump installation.

      1) Sump pump installation - Unusual Noise From The Sump Pump The only sound you should hear from your sump pump is a gentle hum whenever it is running, or what's described as a faint "thumb", that can be heard as soon as it stops.

      However, if you notice any other type of noise, other than this, there is a high chance that you may have a jammed/damaged impeller or that your motor has a burnt bearing or two. This sign in particular, shouldn't be overlooked, because if the noise that occurs is a result of a damaged impeller, which is the fan that pulls water into the pump, you may come home to find a flooded basement.

      2) Sump Pump Repeatedly Cycles On And Off While it may be true that a sump pump, may cycle on and off as a result of an incorrectly adjusted float switch, frequent cycling may be an indication that your sump basin isn't big enough for the volume of water that it handles. This can cause the water to reach high levels quickly and if left unchecked may leave you with a leaky basement.

      3) Pedestal-style Pump -  New Sump Pump Installation Required Said in simple terms, if you have a pedestal-style pump, it's highly recommended that you replace it as soon as possible by utilizing a company that specializes in modern sump pump installation services.  The problem with these types of pumps is that they are pretty antiquated. Meaning, due to their age, they could literally break down at any moment.

      Another thing that's worth noting about these types of pumps are that, besides the fact that they are noisier and can be easily tipped over, they were not built as solidly as today's submersible pumps. While you may assume that you can save some money by replacing your old sump pump at a later time when it finally breaks down, this may end up costing you more in the long run and you may just come home to realize that not only do you have to pay for a new sump pump installation, but you'll need to shell out extra cash to hire a company that specializes in wet basement repairs as well.

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